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Mistral 2000 HR
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14990.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
Mistral 2000 HR is a next generation laminator made to satisfy the requirements of professional print houses employing mini-jumbo printers and can handle any image up to 2.10 meters widht.

Its upper roller heating system warm up the laminating film from 20°C to 50°C in order to improve the polymerization process of the film onto the print. This improvement eliminates micro bubbles usually seen when laminated with pressure sensitive laminators without heater elements and earns optimised customer satisfaction.

Even though it is wider than most roll laminators, Mistral 2000 HR remains as easy to use as any other machine from RBS - France 's range.

Mistral 2000 HR Laminating system is the only machine of its kind and in its price category to provide encapsulation in one pass or use of double side adhesive film with double protection liner on the lower roller.

Use of pressure sensitive films:
- Lamination
- Encapsulation
- Adhesive setting
- Mounting
- Laminatin on one side and adhesive setting on the other in one pass.

Pivoting feeding tray facilitates easy loading of film rolls. Connected to a safety device installed in the machine, it provides maximum security to user while loading.

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- Max. working width: 2100 mm
- Length of the roller: 2140 mm
- Diameter of the heating rollers: 114 mm
- Max. thickness of print + board 25 mm
- Upper heating roller: 20°C to 50°C
- Adjustment of the tension of the films: yes
- Pivoting feeding tray with security protection: yes
- Digital display of the roller pressure: yes
- Upper and lower winding and unwinding spindles: yes
- Nb. of spindles delivered with the machine: 4
- Max. speed meters/min: 4
- Reverse operation: yes
- Motor pedal control: yes
- Emergency stop button: 2
- Stand mounted on self-locking castors: yes
- Electrical print rewinding system: included
- Power of the motor (W): 100
- Heating power (W): 3000
- Voltage 230V / 50-60Hz single phase
- Amperes 14,5 amps
- Size of the machine on stand (cm) L245 x D76 x H137
- Weight of the machine (kg) 400
- Size of the shipping crate (cm) L260 x D90 x H170
- Shipping weight (kg) 480
- Made in France, EC - Certification