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Tuscan Pro 1
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12400.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
The GBC Tuscan Pro™1 cold laminator is a highly professional wide format laminator. The Tuscan Pro™1 provides perfect results every time and is simple to use. It offers signage; photographic; copy shop and screen-print companies the possibility of a professional machine that produces quality cold lamination. The GBC Tuscan Pro™1 has a lamination width up to 165 cm.


* Trade show graphics
* Posters
* POP Displays
* Banners
* Rigid Displays
* Flexible Displays

* Easily manoeuvrable unit
* Simpler LCD information centre indicates temperature, speed and ready/wait condition. The control panel allows the operator to easily make adjustments as needed to produce a quality finish
* Automatic shut off when hands are too close to the rollers
* Foot pedal operation, hands-free convenience
* Ghostand™ ( Optional!)
The Ghostand™ system consists of 2 aluminium arms built-in both in the front and in the back bench of the laminator.
Arms slide independently along the whole laminator width.
The system represents a fixed support for any kind of panels, both at the very fast input or output operation. Compact arms close under relevant benches, taking up little room without interfering with any components mounted in the laminator.

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Max laminating width: 1680 mm
Max heat temperature: 125 C
Max speed: 8 m/min
Power: 220V
Consumption: 3.5 Kw
Weight: 400 kg
Dimensions (DxWxH): 75 x 211 x 136 cm
Max Mounting thickness: 35 mm
Unwinds: 3
Rewinds: 2
Core size: 76mm