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Baltic 1400
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5890.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
COLD LAMINATOR 1400 mm (55”)
• Single side lamination with or without backing paper
• Simultaneous single side lamination and adhesive mounting
• Application tape
• Colour background using colour vinyl
• Mounting onto boards up to 25 mm (1”) thickness

The control panel shows the speed digitally and indicates the amount of pressure applied onto print or board. With this easy to use display and the quality of the material used in its construction, Baltic 1400 is certain to obtain a perfect fi nishing and protection result on posters and signs whoever the operator. Without handles or levers, the elevation of the roller is controlled electronically, preventing any mechanical damage or failure to the machine and reducing operator error.
Baltic is an ideal choice for printers and sign-makers wanting to integrate a fi nishing unit into their workshop for a lower budget.

- Speed : from 1 m/mn (3 ft/mn ) to 4,40 m/mn (14 1/2 ft/mn)
- Mounting up to 25 mm (1”)
- Width 1400 mm (55”).

Safety : Optical eye, Visible laser eye in front of the roller, stopping the motor when cut.
Magnetic table detector. If the feeding tray is not in place, the driving motor won’t start. If one of these safety mechanisms is activated, it is requested to correct the fault and reactivate the system.
2 emergency stops easily reachable on the front and back of the machine.

Self-blocking roll-shafts : With our new even lighter self-blocking roll-shafts, you will save time while changing fi lm. No tools are required. They can be used in any position of the machine in both directions.
3 roll-shafts delivered with the laminator Baltic 1400
Storage of 2 fi lm rolls easy reachable under the laminator.

Opening of the rollers : The 25 mm (1”) maximum opening of the rollers enables the most common mounting operations
Feeding tray : The graduated feeding tray is removable. While loading the film or print reels, it can be stored on the machine base without being damaged.
The footswitch control, once selected, allows the user to keep its hands free when feeding the prints through the machine, and is particularly useful when running wider posters.
Control panel
Very easy to operate, Baltic 1400 can be run by any operator after a short training for perfect finished
From the control panel,the operator will be able to :
• Adjust and display the speed
• Start, forward or reverse, and stop
• Adjust the elevation and amount of pressure on the rollers
• Select button for foot switch control

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Maximum thickness document + board : 25 mm
Maximum working width : 1490mm
Maximum film width : 1400mm
Maximum length of film reels usable : 100m
Diameter of the rollers : maximum 114mm
Number of self-blocking roll-shafts delivered with the machine : 3
Adjustable speed m/mn : from 1 to 4.40
Adjustable speed ft/mn : from 3 to 14 1/2
Power W : 100
Voltage : 110 or 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Puissance W : 1800
Amperage : 1A/230V or 2A/110V
Dimensions of the machine : (cm) W 175 x D 76 x H 138
Net weight of the machine : 172 kg
Shipping dimensions of the machine (cm) : W 225 x D 106 x H 100
Shipping weight : 244 kg
Warranty 1 year
Made in France, CE certifi ed in compliance with the Machine
and the Electromagnetic Compatibility (CRM) Directives