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60.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
Ideal for the infrequent business user – either at home or for personal use at the office.

• Lamination width* from ID size to A4 Max (241 mm)
• 2 x Heated Roller technology
• Designed for either 2 x 75 (150 Total) and 2 x 125 micron (250 Total) pouches only
• From ID size to A4
• Fixed Speed
• 2 Temperature Settings: Photo and Standard
• Carrier free operation

Are you tired of replacing torn notices, printing out fresh price lists or throwing stained recipe cards in the bin? The HeatSeal™ H65 Laminator is the fast, simple solution for protecting frequently handled documents against spills, grease and light to ensure they stay pristine for years to come.

The HeatSeal™ H65 is the perfect choice for infrequent use in the office, home or school where documents range from ID card size up to A4. From timetables to treasured photos, menus to maps, the H65 Laminator enables you to heat-seal a wide range of documents in tough, wipe-clean, crystal-clear plastic quickly and easily.

Simple: the HeatSeal™ H65 has just 2 fixed temperature settings designed to take either 2 x 75 micron (150 total) or 2 x 125 micron (250 total) pouches and a Photo Paper setting ensures you get perfect results on high gloss paper too.

Just plug in, power on and wait for the ‘ready’ light to indicate that your chosen operating temperature has been reached. With only 8 minutes warm-up time required you can get to work quickly, making the HeatSeal™ H65 perfect for occasional light use. It takes just one minute to laminate a standard A4 pouch which is handy when deadlines are tight.

Simply insert your document into a laminating pouch and feed it into the laminator. An exit tray keeps laminated products straight as they come through the heated rollers to minimise curling or warping and ensure a perfect finish every time. And the handy rejecter lever helps clear any miss-fed documents quickly and efficiently to avoid damaging the 2 heated rollers.

Versatile: whether you want to encapsulate ID cards for conferences, increase the shelf life of training material or protect your child’s favourite painting, the HeatSeal™ H65 can meet your day-to-day laminating needs.

Selecting the correct size, finish and thickness (measured in micron) of laminating pouch for each job is crucial. The HeatSeal™ H65 accepts only 2 types of standard or HighSpeed™ pouch: 2 x 75 micron (150 in total) which provides a good level of protection for general office documents or 2 x 125 micron (250 in total) which is ideal for adding rigidity to certificates and awards.

The HeatSeal™ H65 Laminator comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

Laminating Pouches :
- Card Pouches Standard Sizes
- Other Laminating Pouches

1. Photo paper setting
2. Power on light & ready light.
3. Exit Tray
4. Rejecter lever
- Anti-jam function to solve any miss-feeding problems
- Keeps the laminated product straight on exit minimising curling and warping
- Perfect result for high gloss paper
- Simple to operate.

The Pouch Laminating, what it is?
The Lamination is the operation which permits to protect your documents by placing a plastic film on both sides of your document.

The Pouch Laminators are equipped with rotating rollers and a heating system. It is the passage of the pouch in the heating system which permits the glue to melt on the document and entails the lamination.

The lamination of your documents is very important. RBS Laminating systems protect, preserve and present your documents and images on paper. The addition of a tough, glass-clear laminate to both sides of a document provides rigidity, water-proofing, tamper-proofing and a great looking finish in one simple process.


Card Pouches Standard Sizes
To protect and enhance your presentations or pages of catalogs, reference lists and spares parts, technical instructions…
Available in sizes: A4 (216x303mm), A5(154x216mm), A6(111x154mm) et A7(80x111mm).

Size Thickness (in microns) Packaging Price in € gross per unit Qty Cart

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