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ProSeries 3500 LM
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  Price :
850.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
For those who need a lamination system that guarantees superb results across the complete cross-section of modern materials – photos, colour copies, laser prints, high density litho prints and even digitally printed materials. The combination of technology and experience in other laminating fields, has created in the 3500 the ability to laminate in all film grades – with or without protective Carriers – from the super light 37.5 Micron Pro-Film to super heavy 300 Micron plus the entire range of High Speed Pouches.

Laminating Pouches :
- Card Pouches Standard Sizes
- Other Laminating Pouches

- 330mm Throat width
- Hot Roller Heating Technology 2 x Hot Rollers plus Plate plus 2 x Pressure Rollers
- Integrated cooling fans.
- Lamination width* from ID size to A3 Max (330 mm)
- Max. Laminating Thickness – 3.5 mm
- Reverse Mode
- Robust and heavy duty metal construction
- Warm Up time – 2.5 to 8.5 minutes depending upon setting (up to 2 x 300 Mic. (600 mic Total))

The Pouch Laminating, what it is?
The Lamination is the operation which permits to protect your documents by placing a plastic film on both sides of your document.

The Pouch Laminators are equipped with rotating rollers and a heating system. It is the passage of the pouch in the heating system which permits the glue to melt on the document and entails the lamination.

The lamination of your documents is very important. RBS Laminating systems protect, preserve and present your documents and images on paper. The addition of a tough, glass-clear laminate to both sides of a document provides rigidity, water-proofing, tamper-proofing and a great looking finish in one simple process.


Card Pouches, Glossy Large Sizes
Perfect for posters, signalling, cards
To use with A3 or A2 Pouch Laminators.
NB: A1 : 600x852mm, A2 : 426x600mm and A3 : 303x426mm

Size Thickness (in microns) Packaging Price in € gross per unit Qty Cart

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