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Protect, preserve and present your documents with the world’s fastest pouch laminator. Documents are laminated with a glass clear laminate on both sides of the paper that creates waterproof, tamperproof documents with great looking results. With super fast laminating speeds of 600mm per minute and up to 120 A4 documents per hour, the H420 is the ultimate choice for the office professional who wants to save time.

If you are constantly frustrated with having to wait for your laminator to warm up, you will be delighted with the fast warm up speeds and performance of the H420 laminator that laminates documents from ID size up to A3. Using new QuickStart halogen technology that heats the rollers in less than 1 minute – 5 times faster than traditional laminators - you can start laminating your documents almost immediately. You will be able to use 75 micron pouches in less than 60 seconds and laminate up to 18* documents in the time it takes most laminators to laminate only 1. The quick warm up and fast lamination time will greatly increase efficiency making the H420 the ideal choice for any office where time and productivity is of vital importance.

Featuring SureFlow technology which offers superior anti jam performance to ensure stress free lamination with the patented QuickRelease that allows simple, quick removal of any occasional misfed documents without pressing any buttons. The variable temperature controls are controlled by a simple press of a button and the laminator comes with a 2 years warranty for peace of mind.

The laminator shuts off after only 30 minutes which reduces unnecessary power use and uses 1/3 less power consumption to laminate 1 document than standard laminators making it the ideal environmentally friendly choice. Weighing only 3.5kg and sized at 400(H) x 173(W) x 117(D)mm, the laminator can be easily stored and transported in any office.

* Using HighSpeed Pouches

Laminating Pouches :
- Card Pouches Standard Sizes
- Other Laminating Pouches

- Ready to use in less than 1 min- 5 times faster than standard
- Simplified User Interface: Simple button touch to set lamination temperature.
- SureFlow performance: Superior anti jam performance to the competition.
- 1/3 less power consumption to laminate 1 document than standard laminators
- 2 rollers
- 2 years warranty
- 600 mm/ min speed
- Auto switch off after 30 mins: Environmentally friendly saves energy & money.
- Fast Warm Up: warms up for use with 75 mic pouches less than 60 seconds.
- laminate from ID to A3 sized documents
- laminatres 1 pouche in 30 sec/ 120 per hour
- Pouch thickness 2x75mic (150 total), 2x125mic (250 total) & 2x175mic (350 total)
- QuickRelease Technology: Patented technology designed to allow simple, quick removal of any misfed documents without pressing any buttons.

The Pouch Laminating, what it is?
The Lamination is the operation which permits to protect your documents by placing a plastic film on both sides of your document.

The Pouch Laminators are equipped with rotating rollers and a heating system. It is the passage of the pouch in the heating system which permits the glue to melt on the document and entails the lamination.

The lamination of your documents is very important. RBS Laminating systems protect, preserve and present your documents and images on paper. The addition of a tough, glass-clear laminate to both sides of a document provides rigidity, water-proofing, tamper-proofing and a great looking finish in one simple process.


Card Pouches, Glossy Large Sizes
Perfect for posters, signalling, cards
To use with A3 or A2 Pouch Laminators.
NB: A1 : 600x852mm, A2 : 426x600mm and A3 : 303x426mm

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