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Wirebind E KARO 40
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2300.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
Produce stylish documents that can lie flat or even be turned 360º with this robust yet easy to use, aluminium EKaro 40PRO electric wire binding machine. Documents are permanently bound with metal wires for additional security that create a neat and professional appearance for long lasting documents. If you bind documents on a regular basis, the Karo E 40PRO is the best choice as it will punch up to 12,000 sheets per hour effortlessly with the electric punch.

The RBS Karo E40PRO is an electric wire binding machine that is ideal for constant usage with a punch capacity of 15 sheets of 80gsm paper and binding capacity of up to 125 sheets of 80gsm paper using 14mm wires. Using the machine couldn’t be easier with a handy document size guide that assists you in choosing the correct wire size and a Paper Edge Guide Paper Edge GuideThe paper edge guide will ensure accurately aligne…to ensure accurate alignment along the paper length. There are 40 de-selector pins that allow you to select your choice of paper sizes including A4, A5, US Letter and Quarto. Featuring an Adjustable margin depth Adjustable margin depthLarger comb documents need a bigger margin to acco…to suit your binding requirements and an easy access, high volume Clippings Tray to ensure a no mess binding solution.

The solid metal construction provides longer life and durability. Weighing 25.8kg and sized at 190(H) x 420(W) x 305(D)mm, this machine is a permanent, user friendly addition to any office.

- WireBind Spines
- LeatherGrain Flat Covers
- Transparent Flat Covers
- Other Flat Covers

- Capable of punching up to 12,000 sheets per hour.
- Easy to access high volume Clippings Tray
- Electric Punch Capacity: 15 sheets
- Integrated wire holder
- Robust Aluminium construction
- Wire holder included
- 40 Selector Pins Selector to accommodate any size paper
- Adjustable margin depth
- Binds up to 125 Sheets (80gsm) - Using 14mm wires


WireBind Spines
For perfect binders. Can be reused. Easy to put on and remove.
WireBind enables pages to lie flat and rotate 360 degrees for convenient note taking and photocopying.

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LeatherGrain Flat Covers

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Transparent Flat Covers

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